Jessica Rabbit Mod (All Female Characters)

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Uploaded at August 31, 2021 Updated at December 14, 2021 6,091 views 1,460 downloads

Jessica Rabbit Mod (All Female Characters)

Customization Items:

Upper Body: Tracksuit Top Lower Body: Spandex Shorts (Training Pants for Leo) Make-Up: Face Paint (Half Skull)

*all items colorable


Modded game files by me. Anna not included in this package. Mod version for Anna (original version by me), posted days ago: If you have paid to access and/or download an "all-female" version like that before, you've got scamed. Maybe I will port the hair mod for the female characters in the future but the recent events brought some demotivation to me, so we have the dress mod for now.

Jessica Rabbit (C) Disney