"STORY" Devil Kazuya Double Moveset Mod Pack

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By GeorgeGoldknight

Uploaded September 8th, 2021

Updated October 8th, 2021



"STORY" Devil Kazuya Double Moveset Mod Pack, for Tekken 7, modified with T7 mechanics by GeorgeGoldknight

(Discord: GeorgeGoldknight)

Special Chapter (against Shin Akuma):


Treasure Battle:



This mod for Tekken 7 gameplay reveals the "STORY" Devil Kazuya, a much more stronger and versatile version of the Story boss Devil Kazuya. This moveset contains a plethora of new moves and changed move properties exclusive to the Story Boss Devil Kazuya. In addition, many moves are recovered from the regular Kazuya's moveset. The expanded moveset includes the Health Point increase move "Feel the Power of the Devil himself!", 4 Different opportunities for Rage Art, and many others! Also, since this is a "Double Moveset Mod Pack", it also contains the "Pure Human Kazuya", who performs most of the Normal and Devil Kazuya moves (with the exception of flight and laser beams) without transforming into Devil form. Perfect for players who wish to play with a strong Kazuya, as a regular fighter, without the devil superpower animations!


This moveset mod is based on Kazuya's and Devil Kazuya's movesets, designed and animated by Bandai Namco and the Tekken Project. This is only a fan-made moveset, made by replicating existing behaviors and animations from TEKKEN 7, game also designed and animated by Bandai Namco and the Tekken Project. Any resemblance or similarity with unannounced or unreleased content for TEKKEN 7 is purely coincidental. The mod has been tested and it's safe to use, but I do not take any responsibility for any harm or damage it may cause to your computer. This mod is 100% free. Avoid links that may charge you for this mod, only download from my mediafire links. Note that this mod pack includes 2 moveset mods and 1 voice mod. If you also wish to obtain the Devil Kazuya skin or HUD icon, you should also download separate mods that you can find in Tekken Mods.

Inside the Mod file

You will find: 1. "STORY_Devil_Kazuya_MOVESET" folder, which contains the .json file of a much stronger and more versatile Devil Kazuya, with the abilities described at the bottom of this page. 2. "Pure_Human_Kazuya_MOVESET" folder, which contains the .json file of a special "human" Kazuya who can perform most of "STORY_Devil_Kazuya"'s moves. The difference is that "Pure_Human_Kazuya" cannot transform into devil, but still can perform most of the devil moves (with the exception of flight and laser beams). 3. "KazuyaCH14Quotes_P.pak" file to be uploaded as a mod. This is required for "STORY_Devil_Kazuya" to say his signature quotes (but not required for "Pure_Human_Kazuya").


-Latest steam version of Tekken 7 -Latest version of kilo's "TekkenMovesetExtractor"

Link to Kilo's tool: github.com/Kiloutre/TekkenMovesetExtractor/releases

Here's a tutorial on how to use Kilo's tool by "I AM OP" www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF2UEWWShTs

How to install

This moveset mod was designed to be loaded with Tekken Moveset Extractor, being imported into memory in real-time. In order to use this moveset mod, please follow these steps:

  1. Download Kilo's Moveset Extractor Tool and learn how to use it.

  2. Start Tekken 7. You will need to extract Kazuya's moveset. Just select the regular Kazuya, open the Moveset Extractor and press "Export: Tekken 7: Player 2" button. In the extracted_chars folder, a new folder named "t7_KAZUYA" should appear. You can rename this folder to something like "Story_Devil_Kazuya" for clarity.

  3. Inside the folder, you will find a "t7_KAZUYA.json" file. Replace that with the "t7_KAZUYA.json" file that you will find in the mod folder named "STORY_Devil_Kazuya_MOVESET".

  4. If you also wish to use "Pure_Human_Kazuya_MOVESET", just copy & paste the "Story_Devil_Kazuya" folder that you created in the 2nd step. Then, replace the copied folder's "t7_KAZUYA.json" file with the "t7_KAZUYA.json" found in the "Pure_Human_Kazuya_MOVESET" folder. You can rename this folder to something like "Pure_Human_Kazuya" for clarity.

  5. You will also find a .pak file named "KazuyaCH14Quotes_P.pak". I created this mod to allow Kazuya to say some of his quotes from the Final Chapter. Just like a regular mod installation, go to this directory: Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > TEKKEN 7 > TekkenGame > Content > Paks > ~mods If the "~mods" folder does not exist, just create one. Copy the .pak file inside the "~mods" folder. If you do not use this mod, the movesets will still work without any problem, but "Story_Devil_Kazuya" will not be able to say his signature quotes during battle.

  6. After carefully fulfilling the above steps, start the game and select Kazuya for a battle. Then, open the Moveset Extractor select either "Story_Devil_Kazuya" or "Pure_Human_Kazuya". Then press "Import to P1" or "Set Online Local Player" buttons.


-While the moveset can be used online, DO NOT USE IT IN RANKED/WARM UP PLAYER MATCH! Your player will still be using the moveset, but in the opponent's client side, you will still move with your character's original moveset, which will cause desyncs. However, you can use it in lobbies, as you can tell your opponent beforehand to also load the moveset to your character in their client side, by using the "Set online local/remote player" buttons. For a more detailed guide on how to use movesets online, watch I AM OP's video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP5kJLjUbUo

-The Moveset Extractor only works with legitimate copies of the game! If you are using a pirated version, the program cannot interact with it, and thus you cannot use this moveset.

-If you encounter problems with importing the moveset, please try to test first if exporting a moveset from the game and importing it works. If it doesn't, it is most likely an error between your copy of the game and the Moveset Extractor. I have only modified a moveset, so for any concerns regarding the moveset extractor not working properly, please try to contact @kiloutre on Twitter, the creator of the program.

Bug reports

Since this is a first release, there may occur some bugs in the moveset, though it has been tested. In that case, please let me know in the comments.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Kiloutre for the Tekken Moveset Extractor and Editor program, which made this possible in the first place! Also many thanks to the people at the Tekken Modding Discord for providing me the knowledge I needed to create this moveset mod. Also thanks to JanuMshKillz for sharing the Devil Kazuya moveset, which I took as a base for creating the "STORY Devil Kazuya" Moveset. If you are interested, here is the link for the Modding Zaibatsu discord where you can find useful information on creating mods, as well as observing a variety of well-established projects: discord.com/channels/463113467738456067/728503061659648110

REMINDER: When showcasing this mod in your videos, please don't forget to credit me as GeorgeGoldknight, and DO NOT FORGET to credit Kiloutre as well for the Tekken Moveset Extractor program!

Moveset Updates

The following are some additional new moves, certain updates to existing moves, and some recovered moves. Note that "Story_Devil_Kazuya" and "Pure_Human_Kazuya" have similar moves, with the differences being their rage arts (Story_Devil has alternative rage arts, Pure_Human's rage art is an unblockable combo) and that Pure_Human cannot [Transform into Devil / Fly / Shoot laser beams]. You can find the showcase of these moves at this YouTube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA3Y1dDl_EA


---New Moves---

1. New Intro Cinematic: "Be quiet, you pathetic fool!"

The audio and the subtitles are those which he says to Heihachi at the beginning of the final battle in Chapter 14.

2. "Feel the Power of the Devil himself!"

(D+1+4) during full crouch Health Point increase Rage activation (limitless times) Power Crush The audio and the subtitles are from Chapter 14.

3. Stonehead of Burial

(F,F+1+2),F Extension to Stonehead (F+1+2). Deals more damage than regular Stonehead. Audio and subtitles are ‘‘Be quiet, you pathetic fool!’’ from Chapter 14 Devil Kazuya. Literally buries the opponent in the ground to their shoulders.

4. Alternative Rage Arts

-Kazuya Laser Rage Art: R1

-Kazuya Laser Rage Art (Final Chapter): F+2+3 Immediately deals heavy damage which kills the opponent.

-Kazuya 10-hit Combo Rage Art: D+2+3 The 10-hit combo is not Kazuya’s regular combo. It is the special combo that Kazuya uses at the end of the second battle Final Chapter in his 3rd Eye form.

-Kazuya Ultimate Rage Art: DF+1+2 Final Devil Kazuya’s signature Rage Art, which is deadly.

---Recovered Moves---

(The moves that normal Kazuya in his normal or devil form can perform, but Devil Kazuya cannot. In this moveset, they are recovered so “STORY” Devil Kazuya has these moves.)

1. Elkeid

(F+1+4) Elkeid is done by normal Kazuya at his devil transformation, but the Final Devil Kazuya does not have it due to being overwritten by Glorious Demon God Fist. Now it is recovered into the command above.

2. Zankyosho

(UF+2) This move is normally done by Kazuya but it is overwritten by Devil Fist at the Devil state. Now it is recovered into the command above.

3. Regular Flash Punch Combo

(1,1,B+2) This combo is normally done by Kazuya but its final punch was overwritten by the Devil Fist. Now, the original combo is recovered into the command above.

4. Alternatives to "Twin Pistons"

Normally, Devil Kazuya can only do twin pistons, so he loses some alternatives of his regular form. But now, the alternatives are recovered into the following commands: - Twin Pistons: DF+1,2 - Slicing Blade: DF+1,D+2 - Devastator: DF+1,F+2 - Slaughter High Kick: DF+1,4

5. Alternatives to "Impaling Knee Twin Thrust"

These alternatives can be useful in performing a variety of new combos. - Normal Last Hit: DF+3,2,1 - Last Hit-Demon God Fist: DF+3,2,2 - Last Hit-Engetsusen: DF+3,2,3 - Last Hit-Right Splits Kick: DF+3,2,4

---Changed Move Properties---


(F*D+DF+2) Now, EWGF replaces normal Wind God Fist. EWGF can be performed (by the input DF+2) right after these moves: DF+2 OR F+4. After EWGF hits, you can perform either of the following moves while the opponent is airborne: DF+1 OR DF+(1+4) OR DB+(1+2).

2. Juggle Escape

Normal Recovery (U+1) OR (U+2) / Laser Recovery (U+3) OR (U+4) / Cross Laser Recovery (U+3,4) OR (U+4,4). Normally, Kazuya’s Juggle Escape can only be done while Kazuya is airborne, taking multiple consecutive hits. Now, Juggle Escape can be done even after a single hit while airborne, so it has become much easier to perform.

3. Dragon Uppercut to Spinning Demon

(F*D+DF+1,4) This move is seen in Devil Jin in Tekken 7.

4. Hellsweep/Double Hellsweep to Dragon Uppercut:

(FD+DF+4,1,1) OR (FD+DF+4,4,1,1) Normally, for the last hit (Dragon Uppercut), (F*D+DF+1) should be given as input. Now, only (1) is enough to be given to perform the same hit.

5. Roundhouse to Hellsweep

(UF+4,4,1,1) Normally, Roundhouse is followed only by triple spin kick. Now, it can be extended to hellsweep and then to Heaven’s Door (by U or UF) if desired.

6. Kumo Kiri to Acute Pain / Kumo Kiri to Nejiri Uraken

(B+1+2),(B+1+2) / (B+1+2),(D+1+2) This move can also be considered as a recovered move because Devil Kazuya cannot perform Acute Pain since it is replaced by his Chest Laser Beam.

"STORY" Devil Kazuya Double Moveset Mod Pack, created by GeorgeGoldknight for Tekken 7.

All credit goes to Bandai Namco for Tekken.

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