Tekken 7 - T5 Final Stage V.2

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Uploaded at September 27, 2022 Updated at September 28, 2022 11,306 views 3,015 downloads

Tekken 7 - T5 Final Stage V.2

A port of Tekken 5 Final Stage to Tekken 7!

Replaces Arctic Snowfall

This mod is an updated version of thisthis mod, which contains the following changes:

  • Improved lighting
  • Corrected stage size
  • Improved performance (hopefully...)
  • Fixed certain lighting issues when staying in the stage too long
  • Much better sights with free camera/top view
  • ADDED PHASE 2 (thanks to a5tronomya5tronomy!)

THIS VERSION DOESN'T COME WITH BGM I recommend you to get yourself music pack for Jukebox ToolJukebox Tool right herehere!

If there are any issues, let me know in the comment!

Credits {a5tronomy}{a5tronomy} for the emulated Mugen blueprints and classes. {ParkourGrip} from Modding Zaibatsu Discord for the original old blueprint that has been used on previous version. {Above Human} for telling me the way to generate cubemap. {DennisStanistan}{DennisStanistan} for inspiring me with his mod.