Tifa FF7R mod - Asuka (add-on)

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Uploaded at February 14, 2021 8,310 views 1,491 downloads

Tifa FF7R mod - Asuka (add-on)

This .pak file enables Wolfe's Tifa Lochart mod for Asuka. Replaces the six first character presets in Character Select screen with Tifa outfits. Face will have static face expressions. There's notihing I can do to fix it for now.

You need to install it along his mod to get it working or the game might crash. Download his mod here: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/220/tifa-ff7r-josie-replacemen...

Credits to Wolfe for his Tifa Lochart mod.

Tifa Lockhart (C) Square Enix.