Jukebox - Enhanced TTT2 Music Pack (Part 1)

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Uploaded at February 27, 2023 Updated at August 27, 2023 2,843 views 826 downloads

Jukebox - Enhanced TTT2 Music Pack (Part 1)

TTT2 Music pack, with "final round" mix of each stage. Unlike the previous packs, the volume is not different to the default Jukebox pack, because the volume was not too quiet, but the "final stage" track has been mixed accordingly.

2023/03/01: FIXED VOLUME ISSUES! Please re-download and reapply if you applied it before the start of March.

Due to the large file size, you have to download two parts. Part 2: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/2380/jukebox-enhanced-ttt2-mus...

For use with the Tekken 7 Jukebox tool by ThePaSch: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/595/tekken-7-jukebox-tool-v1-9...

Each stage track has two versions: TRACK1: Normal, first part of the song to the very end. TRACK2: Final round - it simply skips later into the BGM.

For simplicity, there is a Jukebox preset playlist file included, but I strongly suggest you decide which track replaces which for yourself manually using the Jukebox tool.

Tracks: Abyss of time Arctic dream Baile de batalla Battle cry Electro parade Ending Eternal ordeal Fantastic theater Fiji Gallery Intro piano Its not a tuna Jin kazama far east Livemonitor Luxury garden Main Menu Moonlit Wilderness Remix Mortal power Mystic force Plucking tulips Reflexion Sakura schoolyard remix Samba de night Siga Snoopdogg knocc em down Snow castle remix Specification changes Stained orange Sunny Supporters Tekstep fountain The big one The strongest iron arena remix TOol pusher Un deux trois Utmost limits Virus no31 Waiting for the vagabond Wall of confrontation What you will see (fallen garden) What you will see (heavenly garden) Your Sunset (customization) Yun Zirkus

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