KOFAS Roy for Steve Fox Costume

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Uploaded at March 8, 2023 2,324 views 328 downloads

KOFAS Roy for Steve Fox Costume

This mod is a Commission request, King of Fighters All Star Boss "ROY" costume for Steve Fox Because of TKDataPatcher it will have it's own slot in the FULL BODY customization of steve the one with no name

Needs TKDataPatcherTKDataPatcher Make sure to read "First Time Run" and the "As a user" part in the documentation Do note, you do need to rerun the program when Tekken 7 updates

Do you like it? Maybe you can give me a little support for doing mods for free. This is optional only, my work will still be free to get though supporting me will help thx <3. Support me here on Ko-fi: My Ko-Fi LinkMy Ko-Fi Link

I&#039;ll add a version where TKDataPatcher isn&#039;t needed if alot of people can&#039;t use the program properly (i hope not)

INSTALLATION: Extract the 7zip file and paste the mod to TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods Put the .csv file to this directory TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\ModData\customize_item_data\TEKKEN PROJECT and run TKDataPatcher.exe

MODELS BY: Netmarble Commissioners SNS: TwitterTwitter TwitchTwitch YoutubeYoutube