Momiji Mod for Kazumi

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Uploaded at March 11, 2023 Updated at March 14, 2023 1,544 views 419 downloads

Momiji Mod for Kazumi

Momiji from Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive.

This mod pack contains:

  • 7 outfits: Default from DOA5/NG2/NG3, Casual and Gym Outfit from DOA5, Indigo Happi, Ascetic White Ninja and Hot Police Outfits from NG3, Yom Office Wear from DOAXVV.
  • 4 face mods with different hairstyles: Default Ponytail, Short Bob, Loose Hair and Side Ponytail.

Custom Item Slots:

This mod pack does not replace any existing item slot in Customization Mode. It uses custom item slots... so no mod conflicts for now, thanks to Dennis Stanistan with the release of the TKDataPatcher program ( Maybe I'll make an additional mod version that replaces base and/or DLC customization items later.

Put the 'C_KZM_MOMIJI_MODPACK_BASE_P.pak' inside your ~mods folder and use the provided .csv file (inside the 'Custom Item Slots\TheRessen\' folder) with the TKDataPatcher program to enable the mod (outfits, face mods) to the new item slots. Unfortunately the new items does not have any names. Maybe I will find a solution for that issue later.

Character Presets:

I you don't like that way to use the mod pack I have made character presets for the outfits/face mods into separated file so you can use it to load the mod (along the 'C_KZM_MOMIJI_MODPACK_BASE_P.pak'). It will replace almost every Character Presets (Default 1 and 2 will be not affected).

Preset 1 = Default Outfit from DOA5/NG2/NG3 Preset 2 = Casual Outfit from DOA5 Preset 3 = Hot Police from NG3/DOA5 Preset 4 = Yom Office Wear from DOAXVV Preset 5 = Indigo Happi from NG3 Preset 6 = Ascetic White/Ninja Outfit from NG3/DOA5 Preset 7 = Gym Outfit from DOA5


If you make a video using this mod, let me know.

Momiji (C) Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja