Raise the Sail for Lidia

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Uploaded at March 29, 2023 Updated at March 29, 2023 11,079 views 948 downloads

Raise the Sail for Lidia

The description given by the original modder who wishes to remain anonymous: This was a work in progress mod for a client that experienced post nut clarity (aka buyers remorse) before I got to finish the mod so it's very rough around the edges and has issues but it'll be a shame to let my 2 hour effort go to waste. One man's trash mod is another man's treasure. I learned my lesson to not start projects before GETTING PAID. I'm a god fearing Christian now so I can't finish this mod because of it's lustful nature and lust is one of the deadly seven sins. Sorry guys, but I love God and Jesus more than Lidia's fun curves.

The nipples are not included with this mod.

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Requires TKDataPatcher BETA 7.1 or higherTKDataPatcher BETA 7.1 or higher Colorable: No Category: Full Body



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