The Croatian Bikini for Lidia

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Uploaded at April 11, 2023 8,434 views 662 downloads

The Croatian Bikini for Lidia

The description given by the original modder who wishes to remain anonymous: Introducing the "Croatian Bikini" mod for TEKKEN 7, a tribute to a certain ex-president of a certain country who caused waves with her beach body curves! Inspired by a historic (and very fake) moment in the Croatian news after the 2018 World Cup, this mod gives Lidia, who also happens to be a politician, a very fancy Croatian bikini.

I hope you enjoy this mod because i'm now on the Croatian's secret service watchlist for creating this mod

This mod is little rough around the edges since this is a parody mod, please the croatian government please don't cease and desist me

Additional Information

Requires TKDataPatcher BETA 7.1 or higherTKDataPatcher BETA 7.1 or higher If the mod doesn't appear, try TKDataPatcher BETA 7 instead Colorable: No Category: Full Body



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