SkyRing Stage (Remake)

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Uploaded at April 18, 2023 Updated at April 23, 2023 4,895 views 1,507 downloads

SkyRing Stage (Remake)

A blast from the past! Experience the famous TEKKEN 3/TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT Sky Ring Stage in TEKKEN 7, that supports Arena, Warmup, and Customization stages.

Can you find the hidden easter egg in this stage? Both of them are looking down at you while fight 😉

This mod IS NOT AFFILIATED or an official product of Bandai Namco Entertainment! This is a fan-made project to dedicate the passion and love for the TEKKEN.

This mod will include one of Rukunetsu's remixed soundtrack to replace Arena's current in-game soundtrack. These are to be used with the Jukebox ModJukebox Mod. Place the "Rukunetsus_TEKKEN_Tracks" folder in the BGM folder of the Jukebox Mod.

To avoid any conflictions with this mod, remove any existing mods that are used for the Arena, Warmup, or Customization stages.


Drag either of the files below into the "TEKKEN 7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods" directory.

  • TK3_SkyRing_P.pak - Replaces the "Arena" stage
  • TK3_SkyRing_WarmUp_P.pak - Replaces the "Warmup" stage.
  • TK3_SkyRing_Customization_P.pak - Replaces the "Customization" stage.


Bandai Namco Entertainment - TEKKEN 7's Helicopters, Cranes, and Mob Actors RukunetsuRukunetsu - [2016] OLD SKYRING TEKKEN 3 (Remix)[2016] OLD SKYRING TEKKEN 3 (Remix) AboveHumanAboveHuman - Helping me assign the blueprint actors. RebornModsRebornMods - Creating the spline blueprint & the stage's grate floors. KoenjiKoenji - Color Grading Knowledge, making my stage....pop.


Please DO NOT REHOST OR REPACKAGE this mod on other platforms without my given consent/permission. Instead, please link the mod to this exact page to ensure people have the latest revisions of the mod. This mod is NOT TO BE SOLD as a standalone item or part of a bundle. If you have paid for this mod for any of the things I've mentioned above, you have been scammed and should demand your money back.