Long wavy hair for Alisa

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Uploaded at April 20, 2023 Updated at April 22, 2023 4,237 views 1,102 downloads

Long wavy hair for Alisa

Colorable (1 slot). I tried to reduce the physics jittering as much as possible but it's not perfect so my apologies for that.

CUSTOM SLOT: Download TKDataPatcherTKDataPatcher if you don't have it already and follow the first time run instructions. A custom slot guide (installing and removing mods) is included in the download. Only BASE pak is needed.

REPLACEMENTS: Place the BASE pak and either EXTRA Rep1, Rep2 or Rep3 in your ~mods folder. Rep1 replaces low bangs, Rep2 replaces short ponytail, Rep3 replaces spiky hair.

I don't keep track of what items I have replaced anymore because there's way too many now so I really recommend using TKDataPatcher if you don't already.

Hair 3D model by me. Textures are from Tekken 7. DO NOT repost, "remix", or swap my mods to other characters. Using my 3D models to make your own mods is not allowed.