Hot Reloading For Tekken 7

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By Koenji
Uploaded at May 21, 2023 Updated at May 21, 2023 1,244 views 112 downloads

Hot Reloading For Tekken 7

Something I've been wanting for a long time, then I just asked DeathChaos and he whipped it up in a day.

Enables Hot Reloading for Tekken 7 allowing you to replace files during runtime.

EXTREMELY useful for mod testing. You no longer need to cook 2000 files just to check minor changes, which makes the process of mod testing feel like you're doing a Play In Editor test in Unreal Engine (kinda, close enough).

How To Use:

It's also great for generally replacing mods without needing to close the game.

Big Thanks to DeathChaosDeathChaos for making this happen. Please give him a follow.