Judgment Series Soundtrack Pack

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Uploaded at August 8, 2023 Updated at August 9, 2023 1,365 views 241 downloads

Judgment Series Soundtrack Pack

- This is a pack of .wems to use with the Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool -

And a preview .pak if you don't want to manually select tracks and just give it a listen.

Contains battle themes from: JudgmentJudgment, Lost JudgmentLost Judgment and Lost Judgment: Kaito FilesLost Judgment: Kaito Files.

Why there's Stage 1 and Stage 2 versions of a track?

Basically, Stage 1 includes intro and might miss some progression while Stage 2 plays track from culmination.. of sorts. Or progresses the track further (like in Penumbra or Unwavering Belief)

- How to use -

  1. Install ThePaSch's Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool 1.9.0 following instructions here: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/595/tekken-7-jukebox-tool-v1-9...
  2. Unpack downloaded .rar by the path "Jukebox19/BGM"
  3. Select the tracks you desire and compile a .pak file using the Jukebox Tool However! There is an issue with replaced Howard Estate and Hammerhead tracks not working properly.
  4. Move the .pak file by the path "steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods"

- Preview -

Preview Tracklist: Mishima Dojo - Vorarephilia Forgotten Realm - Liumang's Chant Jungle Outpost 1&2 - Green Vibes Arctic Snowfall - Viper Twilight Conflict 1&2 - Random Fire Dragon's Nest - Dig In Your Heels Souq - Drumfire Devil's Pit - The Last Assassin XIV Mishima Building - Final Destination Abandoned Temple - Hasty Spirit Duomo di Sirio - Hydra Arena - Ferocious Red GCorp Helipad Day - Fog GCorp Helipad Night - Penumbra Brimstone and Fire - Lineage Of Clan Precipice of Fate - K.O.G. Violet Systems - Unwavering Belief Kinder Gym - Blue Stompin' Infinite Azure 1&2 - Keihin Alliance ~ Encounter Infinite Azure Final - Keihin Alliance ~ Showdown Geometric Plane - Default Howard Estate - Flower of Chivalry Main Menu - DOOR Character Select - Dive In Online Warmup - Infiltration Mission Last Day on Earth - Bottling Spirit Cave of Enlightenment - Darkness Vermillion Gates - The Duel Island Paradise - Hasty Spirit

Feel free to notify me here if you're experiencing any issues with the mod.

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