Jukebox - Enhanced T6 Music Pack

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Uploaded at August 27, 2023 Updated at August 27, 2023 2,271 views 517 downloads

Jukebox - Enhanced T6 Music Pack

Tekken 6 music pack with a "final round" version of each track, and increased volume compared to the default Jukebox tracks.

For use with the Tekken 7 Jukebox tool by ThePaSch: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/595/tekken-7-jukebox-tool-v1-9...

Each stage track has two versions: TRACK1: Normal, first part of the song to the very end. TRACK2: Final round - it simply skips later into the BGM.

Tracks included:

Anger of the Earth Azazel's Chamber Cemetery City After Dark Electric Fountain Fallen Colony Gargoyles Perch High Rollers Club Lightning Strom Manji Valley Mystical Forest Network Menu Noh Theater Rustic Asia Sheep Grassland Staff Roll A Temple Grounds Tunnel Disaster Urban War Zone

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