Zafina Bastet mod

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Uploaded at September 3, 2023 1,408 views 203 downloads

Zafina Bastet mod

Zafina's Bastet outfit from T6-TTT2. Colorable (outfit = 5 slots, mask = 1 slot). I didn't feel like remaking the hair entirely so there are some visual problems. Not a huge fan of T6 era textures.

CUSTOM SLOT: Download TKDataPatcherTKDataPatcher if you don't have it already and follow the first time run instructions. A custom slot guide (installing and removing mods) is included in the download.

If you would rather not use datapatcher and can't swap slots yourself, you can leave a swap request in the comments and I will add a replacement or preset version when I have the time. I will not swap this mod for other characters.

I don't own any of the assets used here so feel free to do whatever, just don't re-sell or paywall this mod.

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