Kiryu Kazuma Pack for Jin Kazama (Update 1)

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Uploaded at January 1, 2024 Updated at January 4, 2024 4,225 views 599 downloads

Kiryu Kazuma Pack for Jin Kazama (Update 1)

FIrst of all, Happy New Year! Hopefully I released this mod just in time lol.

Also since Tekken 7 is dying soon, I might as well redeem myself and remake the whole Kiryu mod with TON of improvements.

Featuring: - Better proportions - Better facial rig - Lore accurate shader (hopefully) - 12 total outfits to choose from (Yes, now it includes the iconic white suit) - I'll leave it to you guys to see other outfits by yourself (I'm totally not too lazy to take screenshot, please don't kill me)

There are only 25 days left before Tekken 8 release, so please enjoy this mod as much as you want.

I PROBABLY will update this mod when I have more free time to include even more outfits.


This mod is made by me, there are no other assets from other mods taken.

Patch Note

  • Update 1: Hair backface fixed, added 2 more heads; Ono Michio head (small version) and Like a Butterfly glasses


TKDataPatcher BETA 7.1 or higherTKDataPatcher BETA 7.1 or higher


  • Slot: Full Head, Full Body
  • Is Colorable: No


You need to install TKDataPatcher first, then run it for the first time. Then extract the zip into the game folder where TEKKEN 7.exe can be found, run TKDataPatcher again and you're good to go!


Thank you so much to everyone who's been helping me from Modding Zaibatsu and Yakuza Modding Community, you guys are rock 🙏

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