UE4SS v3.0.1 for Tekken 8

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UE4SS v3.0.1 for Tekken 8


A version of UE4SS that is already set up for Tekken 8, UE4SS is required for script mods in Tekken 8.

What Is UE4SS?

UE4SS does many things, but ultimately, it allows mod creators to create non-conventional mods that are different to a standard .pak mod more easily.

As an example check out TranquilityTranquility and Hud DisablerHud Disabler which are both made for UE4SS!

Lua scripting system platform, C++ Modding API, Blueprint Mod Loading, Live Property Editor and dumping utilities.

For the full list of things UE4SS is capable of doing, please refer to their Github page herehere.

If you're interested in getting started in creating mods written in Lua or C++, I highly recommend checking out these materials:

UE4SS DocumentationUE4SS Documentation

Palworld Lua DocumentationPalworld Lua Documentation

Hogwarts Legacy Code ExamplesHogwarts Legacy Code Examples


To Install, unzip the game files into Tekken 8's Binaries located in: <steamapps>\common\TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Binaries\Win64

When Troubleshooting Script Mods

UE4SS v3.0.1 is a lot more stable compared to previous iterations, but you may still run into an issue where the game will crash depending on what mods you may have installed.

UE4SS generates its own .txt file, if you are having an issue with a particular script, send the mod author the .log file generated where you installed UE4SS (Should be in UE4SS.log file)

UE4SS also has a GUI Console you can open up!

Some mods may require you to interact with the GUI Console, and the GUI Console in general is imperative to have open if you're making your own mods. To open up the GUI Console, hit CTRL+O on your keyboard or go to your UE4SS-settings.ini and set GuiConsoleVisible to 1


UE4SS was not created by me, credits go to the UE4SS Development Team. All the members that have contributed are on UE4SS' Github page.

Github PageGithub Page

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