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Uploaded at April 25, 2021 Updated at August 16, 2021 40,098 views 10,563 downloads

lmyourfather announcer

tekken's coolest personality comes to commentate on your gameplay

Installation: Drop the .pak at [path to steam]\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods (filename must end with "_P")

PreviewPreview much love i am op <3

here's the wavs i used plus some more that i didn't include yethere's the wavs i used plus some more that i didn't include yet

update: added more character callouts, changed round 1 callout, added chicken sfx. still dunno why "you lose" rarely plays

update 2: a thousand downloads! vrvr thank you! i'll be adding more lines soon

update 3: slight update: added a welcoming laughter at the initial attract screen, increased volume on "vrvr hi" at the select screen, added a few new callouts, and changed rage activation sound upon father's own feedback (old version is also in the download)

i didn't make a tekken 8 version because i don't like the game, however another kind soul has made ithowever another kind soul has made it

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