Lei Wulong

Lei Wulong (Chinese: 雷武龍 Léi Wǔlóng; Japanese: レイ・ウーロン Rei Ūron; It may be written with given name first as Wulong Lei) is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in Tekken 2 and has returned for all subsequent games, including Tekken 7 as a DLC character.

Lei Cool Bunny
86 635
[UPDATED] Skimpy Swimwear for Males
672 8.2K
Dr Boskonovitch
383 2.1K
Shitpost Lei
392 2.8K
By TReXx
Spike Spiegel for Lee and Lei
1.2K 5.2K
By iyulien
TEKKEN 3 / TTT Lei Voice
376 1.5K
By TReXx
TEKKEN 2 Lei Voice
264 1.1K
By TReXx
Stealth Suit for Lei
341 1.6K
By MrAndo
539 2.5K
By MrAndo
Lei Wulong Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Full Render
195 1.6K
Bōsōzoku Lei
291 1.6K
By MrAndo
350 1.6K
By MrAndo
Lei T2 Render
267 1.6K
By TReXx
Lei Ronin Set
439 2.1K
By MrAndo
Lei Outfit For Feng
250 732
By Chris
Lei PSX 1P
213 776
By Chris