KOFXV Leona Pack for Xiaoyu

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Uploaded at July 4, 2023 Updated at July 4, 2023 4,135 views 838 downloads

KOFXV Leona Pack for Xiaoyu

Leona Heidern, known as the "Silent Soldier", marches towards her next mission at the King of Iron Tournament!

This mod was commissioned by Legendofthewind22, they have given me permission to make this mod publicly available to the Tekken community. Please thank them for this opportunity to hopefully enjoy the mod!

You can also grab exclusive panel art Legendofthewind22 has made to go along with the pack

Feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel @Editman RGG2@Editman RGG2

Want to make a commission from me? Contact me on Twitter @DesignerLeake@DesignerLeake or Discord leakegg

This mod IS NOT AFFILIATED or an official product of Bandai Namco Entertainment & SNK! This is a fan-made project to dedicate the passion and love for the TEKKEN and King of Fighters. ‎


This mod requires use of the TKDataPatcherTKDataPatcher tool, which is used to add new additional slots into the game instead of replacing them. The tool also gives benefit to avoid mod conflictions as well.

Please refer to stoner037's user guidestoner037's user guide if you do not know how to use the tool.

How to equip the mod:

  • Simply make your way into the Customization mode and select Xiaoyu.
  • To equip Leona's Hair in customization, navigate to the "HAIRSTYLE" category.
  • To equip Leona's KOF outfits in customization, navigate to the "FULLBODY" category.
  • If you have installed everything correctly, you should see new customizable slots with their respected preview images


SNKSNK - All things related to the KING OF FIGHTERS series. EnlightendShadowEnlightendShadow - XPS Models of both Leona outfits and hair. Legendofthewind22Legendofthewind22 - Providing a video demonstration and screenshots of the mod in action.


Please DO NOT REHOST OR REPACKAGE this mod on other platforms without my given consent/permission. Instead, please link the mod to this exact page to ensure people have the latest revisions of the mod. This mod is NOT TO BE SOLD as a standalone item or part of a bundle. If you have paid for this mod for any of the things I've mentioned above, you have been scammed and should demand your money back.

This mod permits users to:
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