Kimono set

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Uploaded at October 10, 2023 Updated at October 10, 2023 2,981 views 619 downloads

Kimono set

Kimono set for all girls, created from scratch. The mod gives all the girls a Kimono set, a classic and other designed (different design per character). All colorable. Enjoy

This mod uses tkdatapatchertkdatapatcher to add new slots instead of replacing slots. Here is a user guideuser guide. Other available languages: ArabicArabic, Czech Czech , KoreanKorean(video by UnimUnim)

Credits: Modelling by me :D Pattern textures: David HenryDavid Henry Clothes wrinkle alphas: UltraboyUltraboy Commissioned by noble44noble44

Tips appreciated:

Want to make a commission? contact me on Twitter @stoner_037@stoner_037 | or Discord stoner_037

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