Tekken 8 Mod Manager

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Uploaded at April 6, 2024 Updated at May 13, 2024 10,932 views 2,332 downloads

Tekken 8 Mod Manager


A mod manager inspired by CCDTreborn's 8 Mod On / Off Switch (Version 2)CCDTreborn's 8 Mod On / Off Switch (Version 2) to turn your mods on / off with a switch.

Source code: https://github.com/opensource111111/tekken-8-mod-managerhttps://github.com/opensource111111/tekken-8-mod-manager

Any feedback, bugs or issues, please post in the comment section. Thank you.


Changelog History: https://github.com/opensource111111/tekken-8-mod-manager/...

12th May 2024

  1. Removed the ~mods, mods and logicmods folder requirement. The program will now search for any folder/subfolder inside the Pak folder that have .pak files inside them. Please make sure that each mod has their own separate folder.

  1. Added a category filter box at the top of the window to help organize your mod collection.

    Available categories: - All - Character Customization - Stage - Sound - UI/HUD - Movesets/Animations - Miscellaneous

  2. Added a details panel to show details as name, author etc which can be edited in the program. This will create an mod.ini at the location of the mod. The mod.ini can be created manually also.


     name= "T8"
     author= "John"
     description= "example"
     url= "www.example.com"
     category= "All"

4 . Thumbnail supported file types: .jpg , .jpeg, .png, .webp


How it works.

  • Searches for the folders/subfolders inside "Steam\steamapps\common\Tekken 8\Polaris\Content\Paks" that have .pak files inside and them lists them inside the program to be able to switch them on/off.

  • The program adds or removes "-x" at the end of each file (.utoc, .ucas, .pak) to enabled/disabled.

    • Enabled = Filenames not ending with "-x"
    • Disabled = Filenames ending with "-x"

Recommended root folders to create are ~mods , mods and logicmods. To keep things organized, I recommend to have a separate folders for each mod.


Install Instruction

### Option 1: Run from executable. (Windows Only)

  1. Unzip the exe file from the zip file. You will most likely get a virus warning which will then quarantine the file. Any virus warning you may have are false positives.

  2. Place the executable in "Steam\steamapps\common\Tekken 8" and run.

### Option 2: Run from script (Windows / Linux)

  1. Windows - Install Python 3.11.9: https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-3119/

  2. Linux - Open Terminal / Windows - Open Windows command prompt

    Install required pacakges using these commands:

        - pip install pip
        - pip install glfw
        - pip install numpy
        - pip install PyOpenGL PyOpenGL_accelerate
        - pip install imgui
        - pip install pillow
  3. Place the "tekken8modmanager.py" script and "assets" folder inside "Steam\steamapps\common\Tekken 8".

Windows - Right click file to open the context menu and open with Python.

Linux - Open the python terminal and type "python3". Drag and drop the script onto the terminal and press enter.

  python3 path_to_script


TARGET FONT BY Iconian Fonts : https://www.fonts4free.net/tarrget-font.html#

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