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The Tekken Modding Documentation is collaborative project that documents the process of modding various of Tekken games.

Here, you will find a comprehensive resource dedicated to exploring the world of modding Tekken. We strive to provide up-to-date information and detailed insights into the various aspects of modding within the Tekken series. Our aim is to support both novice and experienced modders by offering valuable documentation, tutorials, and resources.

TekkenMods is a dynamic platform that continually evolves as time progresses. We are dedicated to keeping our content relevant and expanding our knowledge base to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of Tekken modding. Whether you are interested in modifying character models, stages, textures, or delving into more advanced aspects such as scripting and game mechanics, you'll find valuable guidance and information here.

Our intention is to cover a wide range of Tekken games.

With regular updates and additions, we ensure that our documentation stays current with the latest developments in Tekken modding.